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Iceland is a wild and wonderful place to hone your skills in landscape photography. From mighty glaciers to stunning fjords, this Arctic kingdom has it all. At Iceland Photo Tours, we’ve searched high and low for the best locations to shoot in Iceland. Whether you want to capture the stunning ice caves and the spectacular Northern Lights in winter, or the extreme Highlands and puffins beneath the glorious glow of the Midnight Sun, we can teach you everything you need to know to help you develop your photography skills and to expand your landscape photography portfolio.

Join me and my team at Iceland Photo Tours in the raw beauty of Iceland’s volcanic landscape on a photographic adventure that you’ll never forget. Check out our tours below and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Iceland Photo Tours and Photography Workshops in Winter

4 Day Winter Photo Tour in Iceland

8 Day Aurora and Ice Caves Photo Workshop in Iceland

10 Day Northern Lights and Ice Caves Photo Workshop in Iceland

Go on a 4-day photography adventure in Iceland that you'll never forget! Capture the Northern Lights and explore the amazing beauty of Iceland's blue crystal ice caves. 

Naturally, no trip to Iceland in winter would be complete without you bringing home some stunning images of the natural play of lights in the sky called the Aurora Borealis

Join us on this 10-day Winter Landscape Photography Tour, as we seek some of the best light and impressive landscape that Iceland has to offer.

11 Day Around Iceland Winter Photo Workshop

14 Day Around Iceland Winter Photo Workshops

Game of Thrones - North Iceland Winter Photo Workshop

Immerse yourself in and capture unbelievable natural phenomena such as the Northern Lights and ice caves with this eleven-day Winter in Iceland photography workshop.

Join us on this amazing 14 day winter photo workshop, where you will be photographing varied and amazing frozen landscape by travelling around Iceland.

In this nine-day winter photo workshop, you‘ll join our professional landscape photographers for an adventure to West- and North Iceland.

Iceland Photo Tours and Photography Workshops in Summer

8 Day Summer Photo Workshop in Iceland

10 Day Summer Photo Workshop around Iceland

The Highlands and South Coast Photo Workshop in Iceland

The Midnight Sun & South Coast Photo Workshop is one of our most popular tours, exposing you and your camera to the very best sights that Iceland has to offer during summer!

Capture the spectacular sites of the Iceland beneath the midnight sun. This ten-day summer photography workshop will expose you to this country’s magnificent landscapes and features

Join our award-winning, Iceland based, landscape photographers on this stunning 10-day photo tour of the Highlands and  South Coast of Iceland.

12 day Summer Photo Workshop around Iceland 2018

Extreme Iceland Highlands Photography Workshop 2018

Highlands Camping Photo Workshop in Iceland

On this 12 days photo tour around Iceland we will be photographing varied and amazing landscape. We will be chasing the light and having a great time.

Join our award-winning photo guides on this amazing 13-day Extreme Iceland photography workshop through the Highlands of Iceland.

Join our award-winning photo guides on this amazing Highlands Camping Photo Workshop in Iceland

3 Day Scheduled Photo Workshops in Summer

3 Day Vatnajokull National Park Photo Workshop

3 Day South Coast Photo Workshop in Iceland

3 Day Highlands Photo Workshop in Iceland

Photograph the incredible south-east of Iceland in the shadow of Europe’s greatest glacier with this three-day summer workshop.

Immerse yourself in the South Coast of Iceland and photograph its spectacular landscapes and features beneath the midnight sun with this three-day summer workshop

Capture the raw beauty of the incredible highlands of Iceland beneath the midnight sun on this three-day photography workshop.

Iceland Photo Tours and Photography Workshops in Autumn

9 Day Autumn Photo Workshop in Iceland

11 Day Autumn Photo Workshop in Iceland 2018

14 Day Around Iceland in Autumn Photo Workshop

Develop your skills as a photographer, build an incredible portfolio, and immerse yourself in the vivid fall colors of Iceland’s Autumn on this 9 Day workshop.

Autumn is a great time to visit Iceland because this time of year Icelandic nature transforms and becomes amazingly beautiful with vibrant and colourful landscape.

Join us on a two week photography adventure through the the best of Iceland’s majestic landscapes. Look skywards to capture the northern lights .

International Photo Tours and Photography Workshops

Midnight Sun in Greenland

Antarctica Photo Workshop

Greenland Sailing Photography Tours

Not many places in the world are as remote and pristine as Greenland. During summer, this Arctic island becomes a photographer’s delight, characterised by endless days illuminated by the Midnight Sun.

Join us on the adventure of a lifetime to the faraway reaches of the pristine Antarctic on this 11-day landscape and nature photography adventure in partnership with Aurora Expeditions. 

Set sail on an epic 10-day journey to the remote wilderness of Scoresby Sound in east Greenland! You'll have the wonderful opportunity to photograph beautiful creations of nature, from icebergs to glaciers and more.

Lake Baikal Photography Tour

Lofoten Winter Photo Workshop

Provence Lavender Paradise Photo Tour

Journey to the ancient wonder of Lake Baikal in Russia! Winter is the best time to discover the spirit of this pristine region surrounding the deepest and purest lake in the world. 

The Lofoten Islands are the jewel in Norway’s scenic crown. And that’s really saying something in a country renowned for its spectacular landscapes.

Summer in Provence is an enchanting time of year, when the air carries the soft, perfumed scent of the delicate blooms of purple lavender that have spread through the landscape. 

Patagonia Photo Workshop

Patagonia Photo Workshop 10 – 19 April 2019

Faroe Islands Photography Workshop

Witness the way that the world transforms in the wilderness as you get off the beaten track in Patagonia on this 9-day expedition!

Take a walk on the wild side in Patagonia, an area renowned for spectacular views of the Andes mountains, surrounded by thick, lush rainforests. 

Journey into the windswept reaches of the Faroe Islands, a forgotten archipelago of volcanic islands! Situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, this unspoiled wonderland is a photographer's paradise.

White Horses of Camargue

Kamchatka Photo Tour

Photography Tour in Japan

The white horses of Camargue in the south of France are a wonderful sight to behold! During this 5 day tour, we'll capture these ancient equine beauties in their natural habitat. 

Journey into the great unknown of the Kamchatka Peninsula on this incredible 15 day photography tour to one of the least explored destinations on Earth! 

Japan is one of the most fascinating countries in the world, brimming with culture amidst a sprawling urban and natural landscape. 

Tuscany Photo Workshop

Greenland Photo Expedition

Autumn Colours in Slovenia

During this 7-day photography tour of one of Italy's most beautiful regions, you'll experience the tranquility that abounds in this gorgeous countryside.

Sail around dramatic icebergs in glistening blue waters, with sweeping views of the fjords of Scoresby Sound all around. This 11-day expedition is a photographer's dream.

Discover Slovenia in autumn, an unspoilt paradise of snow-capped peaks, glacial rivers and unbelievable culture. 

Namibia Photography Tour

New Zealand Spring Photo Workshop

Autumn in Dolomites Photo Workshop

Discover Namibia on this 11-day journey to one of the most breathtaking destinations in Africa! Explore this land of diversity and contrasts.

Discover the beauty of the South Island of New Zealand on this fabulous 11-day adventure! During this tour, we'll photograph all of the spectacular sights that this region has to offer.

Autumn is the best time to visit the Dolomites, when the landscape is swathed in earthy colours and the jagged mountain peaks receive their first dusting of snow. 

Mongolia Photography Tour

Photography Tour in Scotland

Northern Ireland Photo Workshop

Journey into the heart of Mongolia, a land of vast deserts, majestic mountains and endless blue sky. This 11-day workshop will immerse you in all of the extraordinary culture that this rugged country has to offer.

Explore the mountainous wilderness of Scotland on this 8-day photography tour! Be prepared to witness the incredible beauty of glacial glens and lochs, volcanic crags and fossil-strewn beaches.

Discover the windswept beauty of Northern Ireland on this 5-day autumn photography workshop! Be prepared to capture the incredible vistas of glacial valleys, mountains, spectacular coastlines and regal castles.

East Greenland Photo Workshop

Svalbard Photography Expedition

Svalbard Sailing Photography Tour

Discover the untouched nature of East Greenland, where steep mountains meet stunning, deep fjords. During this 10-day trip, we'll make our base in the Tasiilaq settlement.

Set sail for the adventure of a lifetime on this 11-day expedition to Svalbard! Situated between Norway and the North Pole, this arctic archipelago is brimming with photographic opportunities.

Set sail for Svalbard on this one-of-a-kind expedition that will see you scouting for polar bears in this incredible Norwegian archipelago. 

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